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Innerdoc builds custom solutions with Text Mining and Natural Language Processing techniques. Default language models are of no use, because they don't recognize the specific language from your business. Whether it's cloud-based or on-premise, ad-hoc or automated. We build our own content-parsers, especially in Dutch and English.

Helping you with Text Analytics tasks.

Do you recognize this? You have an important business problem. All information is available. But … you have to collect, search and analyze it. And the volume … it is hidden in hundreds or thousands of documents. You certainly won’t make this a manual task, or spend a lot of time on it.

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Innerdocs services make use of Text Mining and Natural Language Processing techniques. We make your textual data useful again. We extract information from Word documents, PDF’s, articles, emails, web-content, Electronic Health Records, you name it. Innerdoc will analyze and present you the hidden knowledge and information from within the documents.

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get value from documents

We extract all textual data from the documents and transform this unstructured content into structured information. Innerdoc provides a structured overview to all your documents. We provide all the information, but together we decide which problem we solve.

Search, Semantic Meaning, Interactive Apps
Topic Modeling, Data Quality and Linkage
Named Entities, Question Answering

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