Business Solutions

Custom Solutions for Businesses

Innerdoc builds custom Business Solutions on textual data from your domain. Because your business has specific needs around Text Mining and Natural Language Processing. Whether it's cloud-based or on-premise, ad-hoc or automated. We build our own content-parsers, especially in Dutch and English.

Some of our core-tasks:

Setting up a Project 🦉

  • Getting an Understanding of the Product Vision and Context of the larger application or business process where the model will be used
  • Defining what Accuracy is needed to achieve the usage goals
  • Defining how the Annotation Scheme and Corpus construction should look like to facilitate consistent annotations and easy decisions from the models
  • Initiating the Annotation process for human annotators, semi-automated annotations and a good quality control process
  • Build the Model Architecture, train and evaluate it
  • Iterate above steps and improve code and data with smart choices, parameter tuning, tricks and sweat

Gathering and Ingesting Textual Data 💬

  • Extracting textual data from your CMS, ERP and other information systems (Database queries and API calls)
  • Automated Scraping of content from websites
  • Handling data files like csv, json, xml, xlsx and many more
  • Interpreting document types like pdf, docx, rtx, txt, epub, ppt and more
  • Interpreting special document-types like emails, contracts, invoices, resumes, patient files and other Templated formats
  • Creating a domain specific Corpus

Processing Textual Data ✨

  • Parsing different languages like Dutch and English
  • Finding sentences, words and punctuation.
  • Recognizing word types (noun, verb, etc), syntactic types (object, subject, etc.), base forms of words (the lemma of ‘was’ is ‘be’)
  • Labeling Named Entities (NER) like Persons, Organizations (proper and common!), Locations, Places, Nationalities, etc.
  • Labeling Named Value notations like Money, Email Addresses, URLs, Time, Phone Numbers, Quantity, etc.
  • Finding Similarity between words, sentences, paragraphs, documents for recommendation and automated learning.
  • Labeling documents with your domain-specific tags for Text Classification

Advanced Analytics Projects 🚀

  • We train custom language Parsers that are optimized for your domain-specific content (Retail, Healthcare, Legal, etc)
  • We create advanced analyses for information extraction with classification, clustering and visualization of the results
  • We find relations among concepts by statistical and rule-based search based on linguistic features
  • We provide insight into you textual data so you can make the right decisions

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